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Imagine a Setting

Where homelessness can be viewed through the lens of a person's individual mental and physical needs, policies that enhance services to meet those needs, and the economics that sustain those services.

Where the challenge of diabetes can be addressed through community based interventions that reduce diabetes by promoting health behaviors and families with diabetes can be provided optimal strategies and technologies to manage diabetes.

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| Our Mission |

The U's new INterdisciplinary EXchange for Utah Science (NEXUS) is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Utah. NEXUS welcomes researchers across the University of Utah who desire to collaborate on research projects concerning society's grand challenges, including (1) social disparities & physical / mental health, environment, (2) climate change, the environment and well-being (3) communicating science to the community (4) suicide/violence (5) families and health and (6) opioids.

Potential members may be tenure-line faculty, clinical researchers, career-line faculty, and graduate students whose research interests align with the purpose and scope of NEXUS

NEXUS will capitalize on the incredible advances the University of Utah has made in the last 5 years in hiring as part of the Transformative Excellence Program (TEP), advanced by President Ruth Watkins.

At NEXUS, collaborations will be sparked through joint research resources, faculty exchange programs, faculty mentoring programs, interdisciplinary summer workshops, interdisciplinary conferences, pilot grant program and graduate and undergraduate training programs. NEXUS provides an environment at the University of Utah for interdisciplinary collaborations that spans departments and colleges, providing training in a wide variety of research methods and innovating new statistics and methods across diverse research fields.


Last Updated: 4/8/21