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NEXUS Core Facilities

The John H. Short NEXUS Core is located in Suite 3380, on the third floor of the new Kem and Carolyn Gardner Commons building  in the heart of the University of Utah academic campus. The space constitutes open study areas, research conference rooms with teleconference capability, and lab space. All of these spaces can be reserved and utilized by Staff and Faculty by contacting or dropping by the NEXUS Core.


John H. Short NEXUS COre

Location: Gardner Commons, ste. 3380

nexus core

This new core space is comprised of collaboratve open workspace, three research conference rooms with audio/visual projection and spans to the focus group room, behavioral lab and research data center throughout the third floor of the building.

focus group room

Location: Gardner Commons, ste. 3639

focus group room

The room has a projection screen for groups, can record audio/video in the attached observation room and opens new avenues of research with individuals of diverse groups.

This room must be reserved in advance, and requires keycard access and
NEXUS Membership.

behavioral economics and poli-sci lab

Location: Gardner Commons 
Ste. 3649, 3655
computer lab

Opening in Fall 2019, the computer lab will be used to conduct economic and political science research, the room will have 30 terminals with the ability to partition the room. Attached observation rooms for each side are available for use.

This room must be reserved in advance, and requires keycard access and
NEXUS Membership.

Wasatch Front Research
Data Center

 Location: Gardner Commons, Ste. 3550

Opening Fall 2019, the Wasatch Front Research Data Center is a secure research environment where qualified researchers can anaylze restricted Federal data sets. One of only 29 Centers in the United States

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Location: Gardner Commons, Ste. 4050

The DIGIT Lab operates within the research infrastructure of the University to provide theoretical and applied geographic information analysis and application development.

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Last Updated: 7/22/19